Thursday February 14 – Yen’s Valentine Party

by jennifer on February 14, 2013

Hello Yo’s. I’m looking at some Yen pairs and want to share my notes with you:


1.  Of course I can see that this pair is trending up. But at some point it will need to breathe.
2. I like the space between the Combo lines, but I like the space for a Sell Reverse Combo below the lines too. See the charts below for my reason why.


1. The purple lines are monthly pivots and it has not touched a monthly for the last three. The longer this goes on the more likely it is that will touch down soon. There are over 300 pips of room in there.
2. This week’s weekly pivot was hit at 92.85, but below that level I’m looking for a free fall. Maybe this week… Maybe next week…. You never know.


1. The trend is up, yes… Strong, yes… But will retrace sometime, yes….
2. Price is below the inner upper band, maybe at least looking for the 20 SMA.

Other Yen pairs to watch, but these spaces are not quite as clean.





Have a great day!

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