Friday December 14, 2012 — REVIEW

by jennifer on December 14, 2012

Hello Yo’s. How is your December trading going?  The worst thing I do to my own trading is start to doubt my setups. Our technical strategy is solid, and if we find times when we cannot fully commit to it for any reasons such as end-of-the-year-bias, illness, personal schedule pressures, or just that common case of trader’s anxiety, remember there is nothing wrong with just taking a break. You’ll make more money by not making mistakes that cause you to give it back in the end.

If you are/were clear this week, the EUR/USD charts I posted earlier this week, played out nicely. Have a look.


On Tuesday: 

And here it is is today:

1. We captured the space in the purple and green circles.
2. The 100 pip space planned from Tuesday’s chart was filled in.

This one trade alone was a great success this week.

I will be chopping up the space on Sunday afternoon making some early plans for next week. My plan is to drop down to Combo Trading on short term charts the rest of the month, as I want faster in-and-out trades from here until we get past New Years.

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Christmas shopping, baking cookies, doing any of the usual festivities? I hope you are.

Be calm, be merry, and just remember… January is coming!!! I am making some plans for you, Combo Traders! I’m working on some special bonuses for you which will be free those who already purchased the Combo Course.


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