Sunday, March 18, 2012 — Week in review videos

by jennifer on March 19, 2012

Hello Yo’s. It’s Sunday evening, and I’m doing a review session looking back on our trades last week.

I had quite a few trades, and we’re about due for a video, so I’ll give it a shot for you. I only get five minutes per video, but I think I can cover all ten trades in two videos. Details of the corresponding daily charts and indicators can be found in the daily reports area of the member’s site.

This past week provided a great sampling of Combo Trading with the wins, the losses, and the break-evens. There were 10 trades, the first a loss, followed by 4 break-evens, and then 5 wins, for a total of 7.5% gain in my trading account for the week. That was a better than average week, and the truth is I didn’t do it “perfectly.” The Combo Trading system provides me with tools for things like making back a loss, trading the opposite direction, moving my stop to break even quickly to reduce risk, and knowing when I can hold a winner longer.

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